Vision & Strategic Objectives


The long-term vision for The Phoenix Park combines its protection, conservation and where appropriate, restoration as an important and unique historic landscape with the facilitation of appropriate access and use through the accommodation of change in a planned, rational manner. 

The achievement of this vision requires a greater awareness and appreciation of the key qualities of the Park, especially its historic landscape character, together with the provision of adequate resources.  Given the international significance of The Phoenix Park, the goal should be to realise this vision at a standard comparable to the best in the world.

For the residents of Dublin, and visitors to the city, The Phoenix Park will continue to be an extremely valuable recreational amenity and an area of tranquillity close to a busy city centre, as well as an educational and research resource.  The Park will therefore continue to be a place where people go to experience heritage, culture and nature.

The Park’s importance for nature, including flora, fauna and biodiversity will also be conserved, as will the significance of its built heritage.

In the light of the above, the overall Vision of this Phoenix Park Conservation Management Plan is:

To protect and conserve the historic landscape character of The Phoenix Park and its archaeological, architectural and natural heritage whilst facilitating visitor access, education and interpretation; facilitating the sustainable use of the Park’s resources for recreation and other appropriate activities, encouraging research and maintaining its sense of peace and tranquillity.”

Given the over-riding importance of the historic, designed landscape of The Phoenix Park, priority must be accorded to the conservation of the landscape, even where this restricts or limits the achievement of other objectives relating to the Park.

The attainment of this overall objective will require:

    • · The formulation of clear policies that can be reasonably implemented.
    • · An appropriate legislative base.
    • · Structures to ensure the effective participation of all stakeholders and organisations.
    • · The provision of adequate management resources.

Strategic Objectives

The following are the Strategic objectives guiding the conservation and management of The Phoenix Park for the 21st Century.  The polices and measures outlined in the Conservation Management Plan expand on these objectives and detail how they will be achieved, with particular regard to the coming five to ten year period.

1. To protect and conserve the historic landscape character of The Phoenix Park.

2. To protect the historic setting and conserve the archaeological and architectural heritage of The Phoenix Park.

3. To conserve The Phoenix Park’s natural plant and animal species along with their habitats while improving biodiversity.

4. To preserve the peace and tranquillity of The Phoenix Park.

5. To seek appropriate international and national designation status and to establish and enforce appropriate legislative controls.

6. To facilitate an appropriate mix of recreational use and public appreciation that maximises visitor enjoyment and protects the landscape and infrastructure of The Phoenix Park.

7. To manage the levels of traffic within The Phoenix Park and reduce through traffic.

8. To facilitate public access and sustainable use of The Phoenix Park’s resources.

9. To respect the established patterns of recreational use in The Phoenix Park.

10. To promote an increased understanding and acceptance of the landscape, architectural, cultural, archaeological and biodiversity importance of The Phoenix Park, its extent and significance.

11. To facilitate the use of The Phoenix Park as an educational and research resource and to promote appropriate interpretation.

12. To liaise and consult with interested and relevant parties and organizations in the achievement of the above objectives

13. To secure the necessary resources to implement the policies and actions of this Conservation Management Plan.

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